Yesterday, marked my 32nd birthday and boy did we feast all weekend long. I'm still drooling over all the roasted crab and garlic noodles we had on Saturday night! Wow, so 32 years old... it's really not so bad, if anything I feel much more confidant in my own skin. I know myself more and I know what I want in life, and life is as wonderful as ever.

My little family is growing and they are the center of my universe. I have a loving husband as my partner, who I've known since I was 15 years old, a beautiful son and new baby on the way. I've been blessed with such an amazing career that has given me so much opportunities for success and has recently allowed me to climb up the ladder once more into management. I've also been so blessed with such a supportive family and with life's little pleasures. I'm not saying my life is
perfect – its far from it. But what I am saying is, I am very content at this very moment and I count my blessings every single day. I thank God for the 32 years and pray for another blessed year full of happiness, success, good health and most of all a life full of LOVE.


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