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I have exactly 8 work days left before I officially go out on Maternity Leave! Kinda crazy, but boy am I looking foward to it. I'll be taking about 6 months off this time and I'm so excited that it will fall during my favorite holidays, Halloween and Christmas. Just to think I'll have both my boys with me, is so exciting. I'm already planning all these fun, family activities for us. But before all that happens, I still got myself quite a to-do list before baby arrives:

1. Get hospital bag ready.
2. Organize Tristan's clothing and shoe storage bins. Gotta save all the good ones for Baby!
3. Laundry, laundry, laundry! Wash all of baby's clothes, blankets and gear. I also need to wash all house drapes, sofa slip-covers and linens.
4. Take care of some exchanges, returns and make a trip to store for misc. baby needs.
5. Sanitize all of Tristan's and Baby's toys.
6. Assemble Co-Sleeper.
7. Set up Infant Car seat.
8. Get real serious with Tristan's Potty Training. Wish us luck!

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08/06/2013 9:03am

Yay! almost there. I'm so excited for you.


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